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Symantec: Endpoint Protection

The Most Complete and Integrated Endpoint Security Solution – Cloud-delivered with AI-guided Policy Management Introduction

With the constant evolving nature of today’s IT environment, attackers are using more sophisticated attacks to infiltrate networks and the endpoint represents the last line of defense. Organizations are more concerned about cyber damage and disruption as ransomware attacks are trending upward as was evident with the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks. In addition, the attackers’ expanding use of file-less and stealthy attacks combined with “living off the land” (leveraging common IT tools for attacks) threatens the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of endpoint assets. So, what can security teams do to address cyber attacks? Managing multiple point products and technologies is overwhelming and challenges mount when managing security across multiple geographies with diverse operation systems and platforms. With limited resources and limited budgets, security teams want easy-to-manage technologies that can integrate with each other to improve overall security. They do not need “just another point product.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) delivers superior, multilayer protection to stop threats regardless of how they attack your endpoints. SEP integrates with existing security infrastructure to provide orchestrated responses to address threats quickly. The single, lightweight SEP agent offers high performance without compromising end-user productivity, so that you can focus on your business. SEP enables security personnel to execute on many security use cases as outlined by the security framework.


Enhanced Security Efficacy
• Industry-leading efficacy via interlocking prevention technologies using AI techniques (AML and behavior analysis) coupled with time-tested prevention technologies
•Strengthened security posture with intelligence gathered by deception technology when attackers trigger easy to deploy deceptors
•Unparalleled endpoint visibility and protection with telemetry from the largest civilian threat intelligence network

Simplified Management
•Manage complete endpoint security from single cloud console to reduce endpoint security management complexity
•Reduce update fatigue with minimized footprint of Symantec’s single agent stack
•Use AI-guided security management to drive more accurate policy updates, fewer misconfigurations, and greater admin productivity to help improve overall security hygiene
Broadest Integrations
•Orchestrated defense and response at the endpoint to quickly stop the attack’s spread via integrations across Symantec’s portfolio
•Deeper visibility and reduced complexity using shared intelligence across Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform and extensive integrations across Symantec and third-party products
•Strong security posture via open APIs to coordinate with third-party IT Security solutions (e.g., orchestration, automation, ticketing, and SIEM)