Red Hat Solutions and Infrastructure

Red Hat Suite is an integrated combination of Red Hat open source software, including a container-based application development platform and massively scalable cloud infrastructure with a unified management framework. Red Hat Cloud Suite provides a container-based application development platform built on scalable cloud infrastructure and managed through a common management solution. Customers can move existing workloads to scale-out cloud infrastructure and accelerate new cloud-based services for private cloud and application development. With Red Hat Cloud Suite, the operations team can deliver public cloud-like services to developers and the business while maintaining control and visibility. At its foundation, Red Hat Cloud Suite allows customers to build a private cloud based either on Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, with public cloud-like scalability, or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, which is based on high-performance virtualization. Both choices provide secure, scalable foundations for hosting OpenShift Enterprise. OpenShift automates the development and administration of container-based applications. This marriage of infrastructure and application development is seamlessly administered by a unified, single management framework offered by Red Hat CloudForms, and complemented by powerful lifecycle management from Red Hat Satellite.


Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Tower

Red Hat® Ansible® Tower, part of the Red Hat Ansible Automation product family, is a powerful tool for the orchestration of enterprise environments. Ansible Tower manages the Ansible technology used by thousands of organizations globally to help them automate IT tasks such as configuration management, provisioning, workflow orchestration, application deployment, and life-cycle management.
One of Ansible’s hallmarks is its low barrier to entry. Ansible is agentless, meaning that no changes to your servers or network equipment are necessary to start using it. It is simple enough that you can install it and get started within minutes. When you are ready, Red Hat Ansible Tower adds to the simplicity of Ansible with improved security, scale, and scope. Ansible allows you to use workflows to streamline jobs, and it provides simple tools for sharing solutions with your team. You can centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control (RBAC), job scheduling, integrated notifications, and graphical
inventory management. Additionally, it is easy to embed Ansible Tower into existing tools and processes via its RESTful application programming interface (API).


Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform brings together open, community-powered innovation with enterprise scale and confidence — empowering businesses to deliver new, differentiated applications and services on a flexible, scalable, and proven OpenStack public or private cloud. Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives you the features and functions to construct a scalable, flexible cloud environment based on proven, integrated technologies.


Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform unites developers and IT operations on a single platform to build, deploy, and manage applications consistently across hybrid cloud and multicloud infrastructures. Red Hat OpenShift helps businesses achieve greater value by delivering modern and traditional applications with shorter development cycles and lower operating costs. Red Hat OpenShift is built on open source innovation and industry standards, including Kubernetes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the world’s leading enterprise Linux distribution.


Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat® Satellite is a system management solution that makes Red Hat infrastructure easier to deploy, scale, and manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This management tool helps users provision, configure, and update systems to keep them running efficiently, securely, and in compliance with various standards. By automating most system maintenance tasks, Red Hat Satellite helps organizations increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enable IT to better respond to strategic business needs. Red Hat Satellite automates many tasks related to system management and easily integrates into existing workflow frameworks. The centralized console gives administrators a single location for accessing reports and for provisioning, configuring, and updating systems.


Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat® Virtualization is a complete infrastructure solution for virtualized servers and technical workstations. Built on the powerful Red Hat Enterprise Linux® platform, Red Hat Virtualization provides ease of use, agility, and security for virtualized, resource-intensive workloads. It helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure with better performance, competitive pricing, and a trusted Red Hat environment. Red Hat Virtualization can be deployed on top of your existing infrastructure and easily integrates with other Red Hat and Red Hat partner products — all of which helps customers to bring modern applications to market faster.

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